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- For Our Friends North -

Micro-Lot Kefir Fermented Coffee

Support small producers in Santa Catarina Loxicha, a single village in Oaxaca that conducts

direct trade with OAX Coffee. This typica and bourbon bean is naturally processed with kefir fermentation and exhibits notes of black forest cherry and strawberry. Harvested at 1,800 meters elevation, this micro-lot coffee is sourced from fifteen small producers above the valley.

A purchase of one bag supports the community; two bags will be matched with a market box sent to an individual, small family or community in Oaxaca that could use a helping hand.


Please Note: We added this product for friends across the border who want to support

our project in Oaxaca. This coffee is the only product on our site that can be shipped

from Oaxaca to points north. The cost of the product does not include shipping. Thank you!

Kefir Fermented OAX Coffee

Black Forest Cherry | Strawberry

One Bag - 10 ounces - 400 MX (19 USD)

Two Bags* - 20 ounces - 800 MX (38 USD)

* With every purchase of two bags, Food For All will send a market box to

an individual, small family or community that can use a helping hand.

You can also donate to the project below.

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