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- Culinary Consulting -

Ask Our Nominated Author & Chef


Our chef is a James Beard nominated author who studies food cultures around the world. Over the

past 4 years, she has worked alongside traditional cooks and producers to learn the foodways of Mexico. Her research has led to a comprehension of the food system that provides a framework for health

and nutrition. From understanding seasonality, the value chain of ingredients, and the agricultural practices across the country, our chef can provide insight into diet, nutrition, and sourcing.

Dietary Consultation

Are you having trouble navigating food options?

We can help with weight loss, gut health, and food sensitivities. ​

Meal Planning

Are you seeking structure for wholesome meals on a budget?

We can help plan meals ​based on nutrition, cost, and lifestyle.

Pantry Redux

Do you want to improve overall flavor and nutrition in your household?

We can help revamp your pantry and provide guidance on healthy shopping practices.

Shopping Assistant

Are you short on time but want the best for your household?

We can help source, shop, and deliver the best ingredients when you need them.

Culinary Advice

Do you want to improve your skills in the kitchen?

We can help provide insight into and guidance through culinary processes.

Free consultation. Inquire about rates. For more information, send an email to

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